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Meet a few of the MegaMillions Winners for 2015 (so far)

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Lotto365 [read review]

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MegaMillions is consistently the biggest lottery in the world. The jackpot is currently $84 million, and climbing. It regularly pays out $100 million or more.

In March, a group of 15 won the $58 million jackpot, and divided it up for a payday of over $3 million each. Players worldwide can join their own group, called a syndicate, and improve chances of winning with sites like Lotto365 [read review]

Earlier in the year, the February draw was won by a New York woman named Tammy Pratt. She took home $126 million for her win. Before her, an Illinois man named Jesus Davila Jr. won even bigger. He took home $265 million!

Thanks to ticket brokers like Lotto365 [read review] players don't need to be living in the USA to play MegaMillions.
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